Introducing VMware Project Nautilus

Project Nautilus brings OCI container support to Fusion, enabling users to build, run and test apps for nearly any OS or cloud right from the comfort of your own Mac.

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Virtual Machines

Run Windows, Linux or macOS in isolated virtual sandboxes on your Mac


Fusion has new powers for building and running OCI compliant container images


Today: Minikube + docker-machine-driver-vmware. Coming soon: Kubernetes in Fusion Out-Of-The-Box

Build, Push, Pull and Run OCI Compliant Containers

With Project Nautilus, Fusion now has the ability to run Containers as well as VMs. Pull images from a remote repository like Docker Hub or Harbor, and run them in specially isolated 'Pod VMs'.

"I really like that I can spin up my containers, run them in a local kubernetes cluster and test them against multiple browsers, all at once, from the same app, without a connection to the Internet."

  • Michael Roy, VMware

Run, Build or Test any app, anywhere, any time

With support for building and running Containers, Kubernetes and Virtual Machines side-by-side, Fusion can help you build new cloud services or modernize existing apps. You can then test your app on just about any desktop OS and Broswer combination with desktop virtual machines, quickly and easily. No Cloud Required.

"vctl gives new controls to Fusion, and eventually Workstation. We're incredibly excited about the possibilities here, and we're looking forward to innovating right out in the open!"

  • Michael Roy, VMware

An Ecosystem of Apps

Use Bitnami stacks with Fusion to make it super simple to get started with a full application stack in a few clicks. Run pre-built virtual machines, containers or kubernetes helm charts to accellerate your application development time-to-value, or explore new technologies with minimal risk and set up time.

"Bitnami simplifies the management of multi-cloud, cross-platform environments not by trying to abstract differences away, but by providing functionally equivalent, platform-optimized application and infrastructure stacks for each of them"

  • Daniel Lopez, Bitnami

At home on the Mac

Fusion integrates seamlessly with macOS


Metal Graphics support

Using Metal on macOS delivers blistering fast 3D graphics for Windows Games and CAD applications in virtual machines

Integtated File systems

Easily bring files and source code between the host Mac and Guest OS's or Containers

Near-Native Performance

Run Virtual Machines, Containers and clusters with minimal overhead

Plays well with vSphere

Prepare your apps for the vSphere data center or run an entire vSphere lab environment in your desktop

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